Special baggage

You can bring different kinds of unusual and special baggage with you on your KLM flight: your bicycle, sports equipment, musical instrument, extra items for kids, or a wedding dress. Here, you’ll find out how to bring them with you and when to make a reservation.

Baggage allowance and prices for your route

Check the exact baggage allowance and extra baggage fees for your specific route and travel class.

Sports equipment

Sometimes you will have to make a reservation for the transport of your equipment or need to pay an extra fee, so please check the requirements for your specific sports items.

Special baggage for kids

On top of your kids’ bags, you can bring some extra items. Sometimes you will have to make a reservation, so please check the requirements for your specific items.

Musical instruments

You can bring your instrument as hand baggage, checked baggage or transport it on an extra seat, depending on the size and weight.

Instruments as hand baggage

You can bring your musical instrument on board with you if it has the size of a regular hand baggage item, it’s properly packed, and it can fit in the overhead compartment of our aircraft: maximum 55 x 35 x 25 cm and up to 12 kg in Economy Class and Premium Comfort Class, or 18 kg in Business Class. In that case, you don’t have to make a reservation. If an instrument is larger than hand baggage size, it can only be accepted on an extra seat or in the hold.

Please note that if you carry a musical instrument as hand baggage, you’re not permitted to bring a trolley or additional hand baggage, except for a small accessory.

Instruments on an extra seat

If your musical instrument weighs up to 45 kg, you can store it on an extra seat. The maximum allowed height of your instrument is 140 cm. On European flights operated by Embraer aircraft, this is 122 cm. An exception on these flights is made for cellos. The maximum allowed height of your cello on our Embraer aircraft is 140cm and its maximum depth is 33cm. Please note that your own seat and the extra seat for your instrument need to be booked at the same time. You can easily arrange this by contacting our Customer Contact Centre.

Instruments as checked baggage

You can bring your musical instrument instead of an item of checked baggage. Is your instrument heavier or larger than allowed in your ticket? You'll have to pay the excess fee for overweight or oversized baggage.

Does your musical instrument weigh between 32 kg and 45 kg or is it larger than 300 cm (length + width + height)? You’ll have to make a reservation to bring it with you. Please arrange this as early as possible, but no later than 48 hours before departure.

Instruments as cargo

Does your musical instrument weigh more than 45 kg? Unfortunately, we cannot transport it for you. Please contact a third-party shipping company to help you with transportation.

Wedding dress

First things first: congratulations on your wedding day! You can always bring your dress instead of an item of checked baggage.

If you’re flying intercontinental and there’s enough storage space, you can bring it on board with you instead of an item of hand baggage. Please make sure it’s packed in a clothing bag that meets the regular hand baggage weight and size restrictions. If there’s not enough storage space, we'll ask you to check it in at the gate.

Urn or coffin

We’re sorry for your loss. Guiding you through the preparations for urn or coffin transportation after a loved one has passed away is essential to us.


You can bring an urn either in your hand baggage or checked baggage, as long as it’s not made of metal. Make sure it’s sealed and wrapped, so other passengers cannot identify it as an urn. Please note that you need to show the crematorium certificate during the security check at the airport. This also applies when you transport the urn in your checked baggage.


Please contact a specialised funeral director or cargo agent if you need to escort or transport a coffin. They can help you make the necessary arrangements and will let us know that you’re escorting a coffin.

Other types of special baggage

Is your item not mentioned on this page? Always contact your travel agency or the KLM Customer Contact Centre to be sure what you can bring.

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